Friday, 16 of November of 2018

Charlotte Truck Driver Speeding On Wet Roads Leads To Deadly Accident

By Jim Lewis, North Carolina (NC) Wrongful Death Attorney

Police in Charlotte, North Carolina have said that a truck driver was going more than 70 miles per hour in heavy rain when his vehicle crashed over a median and hit another oncoming car head-on, killing the driver.

The accident report filed by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department revealed that Hiep Tan Truong was driving a six-wheel truck owned by the North Carolina Food Distributor company when the accident happened last Monday at 4 p.m. The wreck took place on a rain-soaked stretch of U.S. 52 South near the Clemmonsville Road exit.

Police say that Truong was driving his commercial vehicle at more than 15 miles per hour above the speed limit in the midst of a downpour. After hitting the oncoming car head-on, the truck continued and crashed into two more vehicles before finally overturning.

One man from Kernersville, Kenneth Leroy Baum, was left dead in the crash while two others suffered minor injuries. The driver of the speeding truck, Truong, was not injured in the accident. Police say charges will likely be field against Truong given his speeding and failure to operate his vehicle in a safe manner.

We extend our sympathy to the family of the man who died and the other injured passengers. Losing a loved one is always hard, but especially so when the accident comes out of the blue. The family of the victim in this tragic case should contact an experienced North Carolina (NC) wrongful death attorney to ensure that the driver is held accountable. Even though criminal charges are being pursued against the driver, it’s important to understand that a civil claim for compensation can still proceed regardless of what prosecutors decide to do. 

If you’re considering reaching out to an attorney, make sure it’s someone who has experience handling such difficult and emotionally trying cases. My firm handled one case where our client was killed by the driver of a tractor-trailer, leaving his wife and four children behind. In that case, we were able to secure a $2.4 million settlement for the family. Though the money does not help to heal the deep wounds left after the man’s death, it helps provide some much needed money to a family in need.

If you recently lost a loved one in a tragic North Carolina accident and are not sure how to move forward, it might be helpful to check out my firm’s answers to some frequently asked questions regarding wrongful death claims. For instance, you may be wondering what a wrongful death claim is, how a court calculates damages or even what the difference is between a wrongful death claim and a normal personal injury action. For these answers and more, read my firm’s North Carolina wrongful death FAQs.

Here’s a Google Map showing the location of the deadly accident:

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