Friday, 16 of November of 2018

Tractor-Trailer Accident Leaves North Carolina Pedestrian Dead

By Jim Lewis, North Carolina Wrongful Death Attorney

A deadly collision between a tractor-trailer and a pedestrian this week ended in the death of one North Carolina man. According to police, a pedestrian was walking along a mountain roadway and was killed after being hit by a passing 18-wheeler.

Emergency responders say they received calls about the accident early in the morning, just before 6 a.m. Highway Patrol says the deadly accident occurred in Buncombe County along I-26, near mile marker 35. Police say since they accident happened so recently they have not yet been able to determine exactly what happened or whether any criminal charges would be filed against the truck driver. Police have also not yet released the name of the victim as they are still attempting to contact his family members.

In 2011, North Carolina reported 504 accidents between vehicles and pedestrians. In 2012, that number jumped 11 percent, to 561. The number of fatalities also ballooned upward, from 84 to 98, a whopping 17 percent increase. The average for the past five years is 497 accidents and 88 fatalities.

Though safety experts recommend that all pedestrians stay on sidewalks, use crosswalks and obey traffic signals when out walking along North Carolina’s roads, people in rural areas like Buncombe County cannot always easily follow such advice. Pedestrians in rural areas often find themselves forced to share roadways with cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and tractor-trailers in places that lack any conveniences for those on foot. When that is the case, drivers have additional obligations to watch for pedestrians, especially early in the morning or late at night when it’s dark and difficult to see.

When choosing an attorney the family members should consider a lawyer that has an excellent track record of defending pedestrians and a great knowledge of pedestrian and crosswalk laws. The faster the family contacts a lawyer the quicker a lawyer can investigate the scene of the accident and begin gathering evidence.

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Here’s a Google Map showing the location of the deadly accident:

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